Sushi 😍

Damn you’re worldwide 

Yet, not by my side…. 

In the cuisine’s world, you’re the ultimate Xbox 

Packed precisely and perfectly in a tiny box…. 

Not a delicacy, but chiefly a seafood 

With savoury taste, you get pronounced better than good…. 

Shari, sumeshi or simply the rice 

Vinegard in all sense, to be precise…. 

Does the magical wonder 

Of making eyes go blurr…. 

By virtue of the tears of euphoria

Amidst heart’s delight and Alegria…. 

Amongst all types of couple 

Your service is similar to that of a thermocouple…. 

By being a Lil sweet, a Lil hot 

And sometimes a Lil cold and sour, but not by lot …. 

Plus those tropical fruits 

And raw fishes with multiple attributes…. 

Defines you worthy and complete 

To be termed as a brand to compete…. 

Alongside the likes of Adidas and gucci 

With just a simple name, Sushi…. 


15 thoughts on “Sushi 😍

      1. Aww.. That’s really so kind of you! And yeah I will surely be there, and please never hesitate to ask me a favour!πŸ˜‡πŸ‘I m really happy to support or help you whenever possibleπŸ‘β€β„

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