Look who’s back 💖


Among-st the twilight

Breathing in the city light

Here he is 

In the golden sphere of bliss….

Swift and sound 

He’s the lightest pound

For the mount he walked

He’s gonna make it count….

Every tear, every sneer

that proved very dear

Forced him to join hands

with his brutal fear….

Now he’s waiting, awaiting

to smash the odds

And shut them all

at their vocal cords….

‘Coz look who’s back, look who’s back

In the spotlight of your fight, Do watch your back ….

Night to noon

He’s the mighty white moon

Who falls like a spirit-bomb

he’s the pirate-eyed loon….

For ‘The Best’ is his laurel

And the enemies, his admirals

Still the respect he has for one and all

Makes him the mighty Saiyan amongst all….

And he’s that serene sickness that’s too viral

Which wraps the misery into a spiral

And help the joy out of ado

To display out the resemblance to an avocado….

‘Coz look who’s back, Look who’s back

In the middle of this riddle, he has got your back



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