A-Z tagΒ 

Hi everyone. Happy Spring! A little bit ago I saw Alicia do the A-Z Tag and I thought it seemed fun, so I have decided to give it a go. Basically, you just put whatever pops into your head for each letter of the alphabet (pertaining to you)

A– ambitious 

B– blossom 

C– custard 

D– dream 

E– elegance 

F– fast and furious 

G– garrulous 

H– history 

I– infinity 

J– just a dream 

K– kitkat

L– lust 

M– mesmerising 

N– next

O– omnipotent 

P– paparazzi 

Q– quest 

R– rhapsody 

S– serene 

T– teddy bear 

U– utopia 

V– vicinity 

W– wonderland 

X– x – box

Y– yesterday 

Z– zenith 

Since Alicia tagged everyone, I’m also tagging everyone! I would love to see what you guys choose!

Al~Saher πŸ’–


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