A Note…. πŸ’–

From beef to pork 

Till the chicken breasts on fork…. 

You cherish these pieces of meat 

From their forehead to feet…. 

This usual and most found behaviour 

Pricks my heart when you hold my dear…. 

As one of your spicy delicacy 

That you try to devour…. 

Everytime she’d walk along with her flawless beauty 

Powerful enough to sweep the busy feet off the floor…. 

It hits me hard 

It breaks loose in me my bad…. 

It makes my peaceful mind 

Blind and totally mad…. 

When you try to do what you’d usually do 

Which is to depict your spineless character and foul woo…. 

That too for the curves and body 

Excluding her scholarity reputation and respect for everybody…. 

So do forgive me if my suave tone 

Would become abusive enough to break your ear bone…. 

And please forgive me if my eyes and their stare 

Would gift back your negativity with a reckoning ‘How’d you even Dare’…. 

I won’t stop Humiliating you , I confess 

For your retardivity and this mental illness…. 

So better put a full stop to this contamination

And treat all the angels…. 

With sight full of respect and acts free of troubles 

Before your acts put a full stop to you, rather than anymore exclamation…. 


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