Time Machine ๐Ÿ’–

I wonder whether to speak Or show off with another lie 

Like time used to With it’s untimed hie…. 

Back then, with your presence 

To now and till eternity, with ur absence….  

I thought I would 

Face it as I should…. 

But at the same time 

Here’s time…. 

Which stood Between my aspirin and wound

That I couldn’t heal even if I could…. 

Yet there’s this blessing 

A powerful mind, Aka Time Machine…. 

Which helps to decay the present decade

And live what got left behind in date…. 

Those moments and memories 

Beautiful than all the best sellers and stories…. 

Where you and I 

Resurrected the dead heaven in sky…. 

Painted the rainbow 

With the pastels of care and love…. 

Erased thanatophobia 

By giving birth to felicity amidst all the phobias…. 

Redefined the word zombie 

With a much deeper resemblance to beloved Phoebe…. 

Amongst all the blank spaces 

We built together a world with nearly 10 million shades…. 

Unfortunately we became I 

In terms of living this miserable lie…. 

But thanks to the irony of God’s gifting theorem 

That the time machine still keeps me alive via it’s loop algorithm…. 

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