A Tale of two unlike polesΒ 

Hear up this crazy, yet lovable soul 

Brought to life by two unlike poles…. 

One belonged to North 

Other owned the south…. 

One defined vanilla ecstacy 

Other was the adorable dark fantasy…. 

To be more precise, she was the positive 

Like blossom pink to every blue…. 

He was the negative 

Like hangover of the booze in due…. 

Throughout her life she was an introvert 

Gregariously he had lived, in an atmosphere of fun and flirt…. 

In the company of each other 

They silently maintained a distance from one another 

For the differences were huge 

Like the heightened heels and simple shoes 

Time changed

When one kind act got both of them embraced 

Their natures got exchanged 

Even those Differences got erased 

Further, he fell for the serene princess in her 

Which evolved his stoned heart into fur 

Furthermore, she got bit by the lunatic bug in him 

Which forced her to bring out the crazy being  

One was sweet, other bitter 

Yet their combo was a perfect starter…. 

Or an example 

Of love being present in ample…. 

Even amongst those who differ 

In nature, religion or colour…. 


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