My beautiful butterfly 💖

There you are humming ‘a ones, a twos’ 

Exchanging glances with those graceful moves…. 

Twirl&Twirl as much as you wish

Coz the sparkle of your charm is never to diminish…. 

Plus the way you’ll swing will be the ultimate guide 

For the amateur fireflies trying to abide…. 

By the flawless style that you set down rolling 

Upon me and the million minions that were restlessly fighting …. 

Eventually it forced us to skip the breathing 

And double the count of the innocent beating…. 

Down to dawn you’ll pop and lock 

Damn it’s so sassy to make the fellow dancers run out of stock…. 

Of their fancy shoes and moves 

Which were their best defence against you delicate grooves…. 

So take a step,take another 

I’ll mimic them all, one after the other…. 

But if you’ll hop, I’ll hop later than sooner 

For there’s no space that could hold us together…. 

The reason to justify this paradox is the happiness hidden beneath that smile of yours

Which at some point may or may not turn into sighs&snears…. 

So if that may happen, I’ll hold you up 

Amongst the space that I used to develop…. 

By staying behind to be there for you 

Since there’s no replacement of yours in my life, not even by old, neither by new….. 

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