If I could 

If I could steal the shine&sparkle of luminous stars 

They’d complain”Why do you need it

For you already have the one who makes our pride look totally fake…….. 

If I could ever own the beauty&bequest of the Goddess Venus

She would surely kneel down and say “Please return it

For you have the one who makes me perspire on the very thought of comparison”…….. 

If I could ever rule over the sky&scraper of The Almighty

It would be their first timer to persuade a mortal “Let go these skies

For even we feel perplexed of how you could be blessed with heaven on the land”…….. 

If I could build a home&honeycomb beneath the sapphired world

Little homeless-felt mermaids would plead “Leave this place

For it’s suffocating to live in the presence of someone who is more lascivious than us”…….. 

If I could fulfill all&all of the above ‘If I could’ wishes

My soul will scold me”You are such an idiot to run behind these lusty wishes

For you are already living with the one who’s someone else’s unfulfilled wish “…….. 

“So treasure each&every moment 

Rather than running behind the silly thought of ‘If I could’…. 

For what’s gonna matter is you&your very one

Living the moments under one hood”….


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