Rainbow Diaries ๐Ÿ’–

Hear me up if you’re awake 

We got to get sailing,leaving behind the chores at stake…. 

It’s a world yet to be found 

So let’s roll down on the quest of being profound…. 

And to begin with 

Is this wonderful Violet-less-Indigo shaded sky spread beyond any limit…. 

Violet’s beauty is well complemented by Indigo’s positive vibe 

Just the way you make me feel by staying by my side…. 

Then there’s this Blue painted river 

Not the reflection of sky but an image of a heart, pure and clear 

And Since we’ve been travelling from the very first minute of the dawn’s 

Let’s cuddle up amongst the herd of green fawns…. 

For they’ll guide us towards the next awaiting scenario 

Just the way you save the distress damsel in me by being my Super Mario…. 

Very soon the yellow sun will bid adieu 

For it has to brighten up and free some other place from the sleepy flu…. 

Slowly by slowly everything will fade away 

So let’s hurry up to the extreme corner free of dismay…. 

I guess it’s already too late 

As the orange avalanche is about to decide our fate…. 

Wow, it tastes just like it’s name 

But it’s good to get going before something else tries to steal our fame…. 

So close your eyes and get lost in the red dimensional hole 

And feel the beauty of this world before you return back to your soul…. 

I hope you loved the new world of ours 

Even though you won’t be able to see the real world at any of the hours…. 

Just remember that you don’t need a vision to see what beauty this world holds 

For it’ll always be colourless without the beauty that your heart beholds…. 


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