Past & Present 

Now that I’m living a moment which doesn’t even makes sense 

It seems good to cherish the past, an illusional tense…. 

A story, a fairytale to recall 

Since it was about You and I, from none to all…. 

I was your flower 

You were my butterfly…. 

Together we proved 

This whole world was a mere hoax, a lie…. 

I was your frame 

You were my perfect picture…. 

Together we proved 

Beauty was just a delusion to capture…. 

I was your sound 

You were my melodies…. 

Together we proved 

Two hearts can become one, and so could their beats…. 

I was yours

You were mine…. 

Together we proved 

Our love was amorous like the red wine…. 

Now I’m a memory 

You’re still the lead protagonist…. 

Whose sight sets me free from the misery 

By imagining your company alongside, holding my fist…. 

Now I’m a broken star 

You’re still the reason for the leftover lustre…. 

That sparkles out even amongst the dark scar 

Reality craved on it’s pursuit of another heart breaking Blockbuster…. 

Now I’m your past 

You’re still my present…. 

And the thought of the latter 

Is the very reason why I choose to live this very moment…. 


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