Minutes before Farewell 

‘First benchers aka rankers 

Last benchers aka pranksters…. 

Flying Planes and paper balls

Scribbling Abstracts on the tables and walls…. 

Bunking The lectures

Planning Cricket matches and picnic fixtures…. 

Teasing The lovebirds

Freaking The nerds…. 

Sharing One’s tiffin

Protecting Else’s heart shaped muffin….

Playing till the last drop of sweat 

Fighting over silly things with due respect….

Soiling the uniform and shoes 

Via dancing to hilarious tunes…. ‘

Everything flashed by 

When everyone stood by and by…. 

For one last time 

To commit once again, an innocent crime…. 

Committed unknowingly on the very first day 

Then said nothing, and even now had nothing to say…. 

Tears of joy 

Fled Remembering how brotherhood made sense…. 

Cheers in ahoy 

Echoed remembering both the genders sharing many to one offence…. 

Yet most of the bonds would remain fine and well 

But What will be missed, will be the minutes lived before the farewell…. 


13 thoughts on “Minutes before Farewell 

  1. You’ve treated yourself

    with the gift of finish school,
    where i couldn’t do..

    i would i lost the gold rule
    by not finish school,
    but was fighting to stay alive
    with two sister
    in a home, where most children
    find safe too, do…

    i also see that you stopped by for a read,


    Liked by 1 person

    1. What u just said is quite deep and meaningful…. 💖….. Full of emotions and that desire to live it once if possible…. Thanks for stopping by and sharing ur thoughts 😊


  2. You were right! I loved it!
    I relate too well and you know that! There are just so many feeling attached with school, that even a mention of it may flood my heart!! So imagine what this did to me!
    This was just amazing! And sooo true!!
    The flying airplanes and paper ball, teasing the “couples”,sharing tiffins, and fighting over silly things… I can’t express really… 😑😁😅

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