Logan 💖

From a year to seventeen 

You were a beast with an essence of sweet sixteen…. 

Caged in loneliness 

Trapped within mutation’s mess…. 

You were a Narcissist 

And then in a sequel, you became an optimist…. 

When a Beauty played with your brain 

But the love was true and sane…. 

She was your moon 

You were her wolverine in cocoon…. 

Yet you lost the one you loved 

When adamantium replaced most of your blood…. 

Hope to live again came in with Charles 

And his fellow X-Mens in charge…. 

You lived a peaceful life with them 

Again you saw few lives lose to unexpected mayhem…. 

Which you resurrected in Days of Future Past 

Yet again, you were the only one to last till the last….

From time’s wrath to weapon eleven 

You tamed each and every fear… 

To help the Lil version to reach Eden

As she taught you the value of dear …. 

In return you got to escape 

From time’s infinite shape…. 

Now that finally the time has ceased 

You can finally sleep in peace…. 


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