Peace in piece 😍

Though history’s a mystery 

And a much hated chemistry…. 

You make it look adorable  

And exciting, like a famous fable…. 

Yes, I’m talking about u, dear photographer 

Fixing and Cropping the err in error…. 

With candids, you make the hum recite the rhyme 

That every rhythm adores…. 

With portraits, you knob the time 

That heals the irreparable scars and sores…. 

Even in the carbon black scenario 

You play the lead in evolving the ashes into diamonds…. 

And with some blemish and blurr funds 

You script a beautiful port folio…. 

Whatever may be the atmosphere 

Whichever may be the sphere…. 

Even when being left out 

While capturing the world’s shout out…. 

You have always chosen to hide your sneer 

To get Going with smile and dear…. 

To brush away the boredom and tumors 

By framing the misaligned angles with contrast and colours…. 

Maybe there’s your infinitesimal piece

Where you find your eternal peace…. 

To live for the rest 

And help them live their life till the fullest…. 


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