Friend Zone 

In the world of simplicity and dare 

Where love is everywhere…. 

Which is Felt by everyone 

And Missed by none…. 

Still there’s this bunch 

And don’t mind, it’s just a hunch…. 

Of peeps, maybe it’d be you,  

Who prefer waiting in an imaginary queue…. 

 After being ignored by the very one for multiple ages 

Plus watching someone else being mentioned in  credits and prefaces…. 

For all the caring and love you bestowed 

When every inch of you was getting towed…. 

By failure and despair 

And by every Lil bit of warfare…. 

Caused by virtue of ur heart opposing the brain 

And the common sense that lost in vain…. 

Still u wait For just one glimpse of rope 

That you could grab on, assuming hope…. 

To live till there’d be a ring on the cell phone

“I love you too “…. And that would be the end of being in the Friend zone…. 


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