Similical love ๐Ÿ’–


You’re my love,you’re my love   

you’re my very precious love

Beautiful and pure

like the shiny white dove ….

You’re the song that echoes in my ears

Amoral & Mystical

like the hope of my heart fighting the unknown fears ….

You’re the air that I breathe in tight 

Eternal and Life-saving

like the twinkling stars at night ….

You’re the book I adore to read

Sophistical & Convivial

like the fruit of a great author’s deed ….

You’re the image that my eyes love gazing 

Exuberant & Lascivious

like the scene of sunset which is always mesmerizing….

You’re the very reason I wish to fall in love again and again

To feel blissed and blessed

like the beating heart with no pain ….



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