Even or Maybe…. 

Even or maybe 

Is an abstract with 99% faith….

Which maybe could even 

The scrambled shades of the portrait…. 

That once portrayed 

Affection as the ruby red…. 

Shining brightly against 

The blues and other dusty taints…. 

Space sharing was fun 

Standing besides you was indeed…. 

Time’s favourite iterative 

And history’s most adored tale…. 

Then there again would be a thinking 

Who would have thought…. 

Whether to walk without blinking 

Or wrap it up within time’s knot…. 

It all happened when destiny played it’s part 

By Leading the race against colour, differences and caste…. 

Life was beautiful when we were the full-stop awaiting at the world’s end 

Now there’s this blank line waiting…. 

To be written all alone with the thought of 

Even or maybe…. 


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