Dilemma I’m Into….Ā 

“Should I let you hit the bullets on 

 The memories laid upon…. 

By us in the last decade 

Or let time brush them light n fade”….

It was so true 

That I didn’t know  what to do…. 

And When to do 

Knowing every second counted…. 

And mattered the most 

Like the blistering bubbles of the toast…. 

Held up high 

To cherish our oneness…. 

In despicable times 

In inaudible chimes…. 

Even when luck departed 

In the most horrible way…. 

Even then, in all possible way 

You left me one fine day…. 

Without any whisper 

Without any note…. 

Of what went wrong 

Or why was this wait too long…. 

To put me through 

The dilemma I’m into…. 


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