Minions…. 😍

Times were tough 

Paths were rough….

Everything in life 

Was bitter like the knife…. 

But then was this bright summer 

A miracle, and no bummer…. 

Happened to me

Less of a glumor, more of a glee…. 

Yes, it were you, 

Kevin, Bob, Stuart and the rest of your crew…. 

Including some Spanish freaks 

Nerds and geeks…. 

Party poppers…. 

And show stoppers…. 

Your idioticity 

Reduced my  mediocrity…. 

And helped me bloom 

With my evil plans and booms…. 

Each n Every day 

We made something of the crazy ideas and hay…. 

Even when I was left alone by my silly money & fellow…. 

You all were there to fill my tummy with your mellow …. 

And maybe I’d be a Lil darker of your yellow….

But I’ll still kiss you,you jaundiced- marshmallow…. 

For even the dollars in billions and millions 

Won’t buy the life you gifted me, my dear minions…. 


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