Be different…. Be beautiful 💖

As a matter of fact 

I thought to put some class act…. 

This very moment

To screw you up like you did to me in past and present…. 😃

But then I realised

I ain’t that bad and abhorrent sized ….😂😂

You think you are living your daydream 

By pushing me into the deep nightmare deprived of the gleam….. 😍😍😛😜

Good for your peace of mind

I ain’t like u, not at all blind…. 

Plus I’m born rainbow-kissed

And you ain’t at all to be missed…. 😍😍😘😘

For all those who believe that they are going through a tough time, maybe brain broken or heart broken…. 


Live your life

live it in peace…. 

For it’s a blessing

not a disease…. 

You get to live once

 so never give up…. 

Adapt to your misery

 learn to develop …. 

For what waits ahead 

Is undoubtedly a beautiful future needed to be read…. 💖


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