Miniature MeΒ 

If fairies existed 

Even a wizard’s presence would do…. 

To cook me some spell or potion 

That would crop me from 160 to 2….

It would become so easy 

Topping the list of ‘Most Wanted Folk’…. 

With no need to disappear 

Beneath the invisibility cloak…. 

I’d run around in a Grange 

Along with the snails and ants 

And even glower the beasts like I’m the only one in that range 

Strong enough to fight the ferocious worms and pitcher plants…. 

How beautiful the new universe would seem 

With multiple candy planets stationary at feet…. 

Reminding me of the ones where I used to live in gleam 

Only now I would be the black hole to those planets, to eat and repeat…. 

About the dinosaurs and dragons, it was fun to hear 

In tales and chronicles…. 

Now I could live it all for free 

All thanks to gigantic elephants and Eagles…. 

Owning an audi or a BMW 

Would be as easy as taking naps…. 

And touring the world in them 

Will force Cheap to feel shy, perhaps…. 

A long journey like this would tempt me to have a bath in hot chocolate

Was a beautiful thought then…. 

Now it’s much in sight to live for free 

“Anytime”, if you would ask me when….

So much could be done against the gravity

So much fun it would be…. 

So much would come into reality 

Once I would be the miniature version of me…. 


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