Eye…. πŸ’–

Soft and sweet 

Like the Marshmallow in treat…. 

Sometimes burning in fire 

And flames, to fulfill the desire…. 

Less known to many 

And the rest assume it’s balony…. 

Still it’s beautiful 

Much more than the way you work them out to fool…. 

Those who pretend to know 

The reason you live avoiding the sword and bow…. 

What went wrong then 

Or what fell down in the right place then…. 

Whatever it is, whatever it was 

It valiantly fights against the world to defend your fears and flaws…. 

It tries it’s best to hide your innocence 

Within itself by hypnotising the world with it’s lusty essence…. 

But the marks will always lie hidden 

To speak at the right time of a tale that’s still unwritten…. 


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