Wake up….Β 

It was a December

It was a New Year….

It will be another day

To witness the existence of evil at bay….

And pardon me if it’s one of the ever heard silly doubts

Isn’t this evil the man himself, seeking pleasure in an innocent’s screams and shouts….

For all this innocent tried was to venture out in the world

Where we boast about bringing equality amongst the genders….

Where we try to build a better place, a better world

Free of slaughters and fears….

But what difference have we made

As per the agendas and laws that we laid….

What do we enact by worshipping the Goddesses by love and grace

Only to end up treating their human resemblance with disrespect and disgrace….

What values do we display by decorating the gold idols with beautiful silk and proper sanity

Only to find the living ones getting ripped off of their dress and dignity….

And what for

Just to fulfill the desires that are bitter and sour….

Why do we always forget

It’s a woman who gives birth to a man, bearing the pain and never to regret….

Why do we ignore the promises

That we make to let our sisters worry less….

In the end, it’s not a man, but a woman

Who saves her loved ones from devastation

Reinstates the lost gloom, along with its reverberation

And heals the leftover scars with her grace and dedication….

A woman is the only one who completes a man

So wake up now and make amends as much as you can….

Stop this non-sense and script a new beginning

Plant seeds of respect and demolish the bridges of bitter thinking….

Erase the evil with a peaceful foresight

That’ll make the purity of our souls shine the brightest

Even in the darkest nights….


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