Collateral beauty 

Money is something that helps survival 

But it’s the Time that defines everything in minimal…. 

A being is known for it’s choice of company and it’s size

But it’s the Love of few that makes it meaningful and wise…. 

Present is a happy rumor

Future could be an unwanted tumor

For what lasts today 

Can be the first thing that won’t last tomorrow…. 

And it will happen one day with the eminent arrival of ‘The End’ 

Where everything will lose to death and it’s friend…. 

In white it will be the one that devours

Time, Love and the rest of the colours…. 

Leaving behind the black of disdain 

Causing wreckedness and pain… 

But who are we 

To get stuck in this and let go the beautiful forsee…. 

Where the opportunity resides 

To rediscover joy and beauty in little lost things and disturbed tides…. 

So let go your tears 

Let go your fears…. 

Let go your misery 

Let go everything free…. 

For what will tame your insanity 

Is nothing but the Collateral Beauty…. 


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