Will you be there….

Another year passed by in all the hustle bustle 

Of the chaos that I tried to hold around my knuckle…. 

Today’s dark, but there’s still a hope 

To have a bright tomorrow, clean and clear like the white foam of soap…. 

But will you be there 

When I’ll be lost again in the world called ‘Nowhere’….

Where every moment would be a struggle 

Only to find myself in the shattered pieces of the despair puzzle…. 

Even the beauty of the rose would be there to prickle 

And draw out my blood full of your love and tickle…. 

The clouds will shower the noxious peril 

Disguised in knowns, only to end up being perennial…. 

But I wish you’ll be there 

To put my life back to fifth gear…. 

For my heart is mine which needs your heartbeats 

Not just to avoid surrendering to pain, but also to avoid defeats…. 

Plus it’s your voice which keeps my psyche alive 

So be my nightingale to get me past the psychosis’s lie…. 

And be the pearl of my eyes

To help me see the world lying beneath the glorious skies…. 


37 thoughts on “Will you be there….

    1. Thank you so much…. 😍😍😘😘…. And about following…. You do write beautifully…. So couldn’t resist to appreciate it by following…. 😊😊….Happy new year…. πŸ’–

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I came across your blog via Sooraj…. And I should thank him for that…. You’re a wonderful writerπŸ’–…. Perfect with expressiveness 😍😊


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