Heaven πŸ˜‡

How deep we used to live before 

Can be measured from here… 

For it ain’t the clouds, neither the ozone store 

Neither is it the extreme sphere….

But it’s beautiful 

Beyond any sober’s hallucination…. 

And it’s an exact definition of ‘full’ 

Since nothing here is being differentiated by the term ‘nation’…. 

The air’s full of esteem 

The falls are pure…. 

The nature’s too serene 

Which would even act as death’s cure…. 

No one here is a king to rule 

No one here is a queen to define beauty… 

No one here is poor to play the role of mule

No one here is rich to be portrayed as deity….

Life here is a new line beyond full stop 

Which tends to survive in the infinity’s vicinity…. 

It is the life in heaven, a mortal’s last stop 

Where everything is divine, even in the smallest discontinuity…. 


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