Merry Christmas ๐ŸŽ„

Clock’s about to shout 12 o’clock

And I’m still wide awake…. 

Not expecting a creepy knock                    

At the door that’ll put my life at stake….

 But there’s one I hear at my window pane 

And I bet it ain’t the Freestyling Drake….

 Neither it’s Superman, Nor Louis Lane 

But some beast alike holding a tree shaped cake…. 

Step by step I drew myself closer 

To get hold of the cupid and it’s closet….

 With my senses & lenses, I charged up to get a closure 

Only to find the tree shine brighter than the lightings decored over my closet…. 

Suddenly I heard a laugh “ho ho ho” 

Which chilled my spine and set the wave of shiver…. 

Was it something legendary like Zapdos or Ho-oh

Or the same cupid that ran away in fear…. 

“Come to me, my dear child. Don’t be scared”

And I was already half way knowing who it was …. 

It was the man with cherry coloured belly 

With vanilla ice cream all over his cheeks…. 

“Santa claus, Santa claus, here you are”

“And here I am”…. 

“And here we have to go

To that magical world you dreamt and adored…. ”

So I jumped on his silver lined sleight 

So did he shout” Oh ho ho.. Let’s go cutes “…. 

And so did the reindeers make their flight 

To get us besides the dancing tunes…. 

Set off by the mighty moon 

Along with the twinkling stars…. 

All busy singing the rhymes and jingles 

To set the mood above the limiting bars…. 

We got off on the laughing cloud 

Who took us straight into the heaven…. 

Where everyone from Queens to Kings had gathered around 

To witness and cherish the birth of Jesus…. 

The very first cry was heard 

And millions of candles were lit…. 

Which helped to spread light & love across the world 

Even at the hidden corner and unreachable summit…. 

Multiple gallons of happiness exploded with grandeur 

And made their way to all via snow…. 

Plus Santa gave away all the Jesus-blessed gifts 

Via the soothing air and fair star glow…. 

Everybody danced till their tears were washed away 

Everybody sang till their fears were slayed…. 

And at the end they gathered around the Almighty to wish in chorus 

To one and all a very happy & merry Christmas…. 

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