Introverted Romeo….Β 

Waking up bright

Dressing down tight….

With just a hope that you would notice me

Gazing at you with immense glee….

Even this last bench knows more about my untold story

Most of the fellow students laugh at my misery….

For even the raindrop kissed my bleeding tear

Which I had shed living in the fear….

Of how things would turn around

When I’ll let you know that it’s your sound….

Which forces me to lose myself in your soul’s Symphony

And gets me to talking Baloney….

But today’s the moment when I’ll stand for myself

For there may not be a tomorrow in time’s shelf….

“Hey there, Juliet”.. Shouted the Romeo in me

“Listen to me even if you’re busy “….

” Listen to me once and for all

Embrace the rose petals in confetti’s fall….

Feel the melodies carrying my message

Which the phosphor-bronze strings set free from my heart’s cage….

And let these many people stay to witness

Something very deep I longed to confess….

What all I’ll say now is the non-dillematic truth

I have loved you ever since I let go my first milk tooth….

I’ll always love you till my last breath”

And everything blacked out with me taking a deep breath….

“Hey wake up”.. Said the professor in rush

“Everyone went out when you were day dreaming more and much”….

“what a dream it was”…. In my mind I exclaimed

For it’ll always be my Romeo’s to claim….


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