A Star…. 💖

Stars shine the brightest in the darkness of the linear sky 

Stars shine hiding beneath their blanket of transparent clouds…. 

They do what they used to do 

Even when we never cared about…. 

Knowing what made them to be 

‘The Beacon Of Hope’ all around…. 

Never did they shed tears 

Never did they lie to us…. 

Never did they take a leave 

Never did they bribed us…. 

To dim their light 

To take a deep breath in pursuit of saving itself 

And yet when a star runs out of it’s lumen and gives up 

We cherish the scenario by calling them ‘The Shooting Star’…. 

And close our eyes to make a wish 

Which could heal our most horrible scar…. 

Are we this greedy 

That even in such moments we would think of ourselves…. 

And not about the one 

Who served selflessly and ended up giving themselves…. 

To join the ranks of the patriots 

Who gave their life saving the world…. 

So if your sight catches a star falling 

Pray for the Star in your life…. 

Who would and has been there for you 

Even when you were on the verge of failing…. 

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