F. R. I. E. N. D. S

I ain’t a good chef to cook during Hanukkah…. 

But I’m a total confectionery like Monica… 😘

I know I can’t dance…. 

But I’m who I am.. I’m brother to my brother from another mother Joey @ Matt Le Blanc…. 😍

There are many things in the world that I can’t do or I’m less able 

But working hard is the only motto, thanks to Rachel…. 😉

For all those times when I went through a loss 

I knew how I could stay strong and jolly just like Ross…. 🙌

And I don’t even know a bit of what it is to sing…. 

Who cares..I’m more in peace and symphony living like Chandler bing 😎

The only thing about me which lies in its perfect place is that I’m always happy…. 

And that’s something which is taught by Phoebe…. 😊☺

And this completes me,only to shower applauds and commends… 

There could never be anything better than FRIENDS…. 💖


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