Bring me back to life…. πŸ’–

Please do the blinking 
Please do the winking…. 

Please do something or just open your eyes 

And help me find myself hidden behind the lies…. 

Of the scar that reality craved upon me with it’s cruel temper 

Which forced me to go begging helter-skelter…. 

Why ain’t I a sorcerer 

That I’ll have to live by this metaphor…. 

‘This world is a graveyard, my body is my soul’s coffin’

In which I’ll have to starve remembering my ultimate sin…. 

I committed in my lost senses 

Which includes hiding behind the curtain of multiple ignorances…. 

Clock’s ticking tik-tok tic-toc

And you’re still holding that mannequin lip-lock…. 

What may follow, can be this present 

Testament or theory, it won’t be simple nor decent…. 

So break this will and lock this moment in the past 

Take my hand to run away towards the beautiful forecast…. 

Of the eminent arrival of the future 

Which casts us together as two happy souls living in a single curvature…. 

So wake up to live your afterlife 

And help me to bring myself back to life…. 


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