Get well soon….Β 

Oh my my, there you are 
Lying asleep around this hour…. 

What’s much to worry, I won’t understand 

For your the one walking alone on the despair land…. 

So listen up, take a step back 

And just hop up on my back…. 

For I want to do the very same 

The very same you did for me when I was stuck in this cruel game…. 

For I want to be your partner in this too

Just like the times when we used to…. 

Things aren’t the same 

But surely nothing has changed in this referential frame…. 

‘you are quite away from me’ is just a dillusion 

For I=U is an universally accepted illusion…. 

So just check out my letter this time to noon 

Please get well soon…. 


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