Our Song 

Passing by the valley, waving goodbye to our beloved hometown 

Were are here together, and you catch my smile fall dim to frown…. 

Turning down the radio, with your glossy eyes, you do the staring 

Humming up something, in my quirky mood,I whisper out”It’s nothing”…. 

You let go the steering to lean close to my ears, just to ask me what’s wrong

And melting down to your charm, I end out shouting ” How we don’t have our song”…. 

Listening to me, you start laughing heavily, only to make me more curious 

Watching me sad, you grab my hand to stop me from becoming more furious…. 

Delicate air suddenly hums the rhythm under the sunlight 

And with your melodious tone you began to cite 

“Our song is the little fights that we have 

Our song is the late night talk that we have in a tone which sounds too suave…. 

Our song is that cute laughter of yours 

Out song is my  heartbeat within the heart of yours…. 

Our song is that prayer of yours in which you wish for my well being 

Our song is my thanks giving to thy Lord for making you my Queen…. 

So everything we do together, whether right or wrong 

Our love will always be alive and eternal in Our Song…. ”



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