It was another amusing day 

And about that I’ve nothing much to say…. 

For my weary eyes and pale look will do the necessary talking 

Since tomorrow will repeat today’s epic marking…. 

And as usual I’m walking in this lonely night all alone 

Where there is nothing new to know and be known…. 

All of the sudden when I was living with this thought 

Everything blacked out when a bury of rabbits hopped out…. 

Slowly my eyes&ears sensed I was the only one capable of breathing and sweating 

In fear to know what exactly was happening…. 

And by happening I meant about the peeps peeping out of their cover 

Was I a trespasser or a precious gem that they were ordered to discover…. 

I guess by now I was supposed to be back home 

Now I’m stuck somewhere in a sticky layer of loam…. 

And I’d sound funny if I would say what made me mute 

Those peeps were nothing but fireflies in their nightsuit…. 

One of them took hold of me and carried around on its back 

All the way across the flora and fauna that my world seemed to lack…. 

Unknowingly the fly dropped me into a river 

Which seemed nothing less than the rainbow painted hell-gate ready to fulfill my fear…. 

Fear of being very dear to the scary masked sharks 

Or being a failure to one of my unaccepted larks…. 

But luckily nothing turned out as expected 

And surprisingly everything proved to exist, even those that were unexpected…. 

From a school of dolphins busy performing their flawless summersaults 

To a bask of crocodiles protecting me from drowning threats and other assaults…. 

Even there was an envy of luscious mermaids singing and dancing in my welcome ceremony 

Plus the fluther of jellyfish that served lustful confectionary…. 

And not to forget the elegant deers, elephants and other humble herbivores 

Dancing and singing along with the ferocious carnivores…. 

All of the sudden silence groomed over in and around 

When the king of the jungle made his dominant roaring sound…. 

“Do what you are destined to do in first place ”

” Be the hero you are and save us all from the mighty villain rushing in full pace”…. 

Tyrannosauras Rex it was, and how blessed I felt watching a dinosaur

But my hopes got thrashed when I realised I was in middle of a war…. 

There he came with his frightening face 

Which forced each and every innocent being to run without tieing their shoelace…. 

We both fought like nothing else mattered 

And luckily I had the strength to put on the display of his last laugh being shattered…. 

Everything was back to normal 

And I was carried away for healing my wounds in a pool of caramel…. 

So relieving and serene life seemed that I wished never to return back to my very world 

When all of a sudden a whirlpool sucked me down and everything seemed whirled…. 

And I felt like I was thrown out somewhere with full force 

“OMG”, I was back to reality and within seconds I could find my legs running down the course…. 

For I was out of my house the whole night 

Plus it was about time to feel the heat of daylight…. 

But what a beautiful adventure it was, especially so mystical and newly discovered land 

That for me the unknown and mysterious world won’t be less than a Wonderland…. 


8 thoughts on “Wonderland 

  1. Great imagination! I should greatly like to visit your wonderland 🙂
    I have a little piece of advice for you, though- try not to use those unnecessary ellipses. Use commas or semicolons (as needed) instead. For some reason, ellipses in abundance greatly annoy me.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re right- readers are the ones who constantly push the bar higher for writers.
        I’m glad I could be of some help! Always a pleasure to know that my advice was useful to someone 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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