The line stood still


Here’s something I’ve to confess

Which I fear will make an irreparable mess….

Upon that it’s hard to catch you,my dear beloved

“I’ve always loved you” is the only matter unsaid….

And probably it’s the only truth that is sweeter than a lie

‘Coz by the time I’ll hold you will be the time when I’ll be the broken angel to fly….

Little by little the Almighty Sand is crawling down

For it is it’s love for gravity and not for some highly decorated crown….

Upside down and downside up….

Is the silly moonwalk which helps it achieve the eternal prenup ….

But this ain’t possible in my case ….

As the strings are broken that displayed the lub-dub syncing perfectly in pace….

The blank spaces are black with nothing in between

As no one other than you is that worthy to fit in….

Even in the last few breaths through which I’m living by

Makes me feel your presence even when the reality lie….

Amongst the mist in this white lil world

Beneath my fist lies the feel of your hairs uncurled….

With all the strength that’s leftover in my heart

This last second will witness the remembrance of everything that made us one single heart….

I guess I reached the end of everything

Beep..Beep..Beep….and the line stood still as if for the first time it had no meaning….



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