A less known verse….


There we met a small while back

You were so cute,I was taken aback ….

The time stood by like never before

When you grabbed my heart from top to core….

Non-livings stay none-the-less as a memory

But you stole that non and made me a part of your story ….

Together we lived,together we smiled

You made my small world huge,wide and wild ….

But one day this journey was about to end

A few days back we stood together to defend….

To defend our journey against all the odds

To make our souls one , to break all the love records ….

Just remember not to feel sad, Coz I’m your friend

And your friends are the ones in whom you’ll see me till your end….

Now that I’m gone..I could proudly say

Like sun light,raindrops and winds,I’ll make my way….

Not to shout out loud,so the world could hear

Just quietly being the beats of your heart I’ll whisper ….

“I’m always here

Never ever fear”….

Before were two, now are one

Life with you ….was and always will be….Fun




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