To say ….

To say

 “I know you very well”.. seems so simple for me….

 ‘Coz with you I find my dimple that says I’m happy….

To say

      “I smile when you smile”.. is my blissful moment ….

 ‘Coz my soul is yours to feel completely relevant….

To say

    ” I frown when you frown”.. is an unbearable nightmare….

     ‘Coz your soft tears are precious and rare ….

To say

   “I breathe when you breathe”.. is my favorite hobby ….

          ‘Coz it saves me from sleeping to the death’s lullaby ….

To say

           “My heart beats when your heart beats”.. is my melodious silence….

           ‘Coz it never makes me feel your absence ….

To say

   “To say”.. is to say….

    ‘Coz these lil things will probably never make its way ….

To you and to your heart, I’m afraid ….

But sometimes….

Somethings are better unheard and unsaid….



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