Basic Thuganomics 2.0

Now is the while that for a while you were thinking

To be or not to be on the verge of blinking….

On doing the necessary when the time will come

To make it count from all and none ….

Shall it be right or will it be wrong

Just sit tight and hear this song….

This world is mere big and you’re too small

To find yourself sick after your thousandth fall….

Which of your niche will be a ditched’ll never find 

Misery will always be a glitch..never expect it to be kind ….

Kind of weird the world may seem 

And it’s the bitter truth if you choose with esteem….

Shattered and broken..your nerves will smell

For the type of loser you’ve become..your chilled spine will tell….

The buried renaissance will shout “that shit..that shit”

To which your existence will roar “that’s it..that’s it”….

Options are options and they never end up

Deciding our fate on the play of luck ….

So let the stand-out be your voice 

To sparkle out among-st the demoralizing foul noise….

Where it tells the tale that is  untold 

Which announces the title of the chapter that is to unfold ….

About your soul who jumped in the fiddle 

And traveled the path where hope resides a little ….

A little did it knew that the moment had become it’s sidekick

‘Coz the thousandth fall was it’s last misery to lick ….

‘Never Give Up’ was it’s solemnly followed  judgmental attitude

 Now it’s your job to reach the non-infinitesimally measured altitude….

For the spot is yours and it’s forever reserved 

So just hold your nerves and feel beautifully versed….

Word life-this is basic thuganomics two point O

Now make your run to victory with final KO….




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