Dancing down the edge of life


It’s a pretty time to dance

For once do we live with no other chance ….

Under the sunshine or deep in the starlight treat

Feel the heart dancing to it’s beat ….

When strangers blow up towards friendship

So does friendship glows the love ….

Dressed like an angel,partying like a devil

No past,no future..only to enjoy the present in goodwill ….

Down with hangover,up with adrenaline

Don’t expect the party to end nice and clean ….

So now if we die once or if we die twice

Bitch please,we won’t give a fuck likewise ….

Hands up,heads high..considering to live life on the tip of knife

It’s only to keep  dancing down the edge of life ….


2 thoughts on “Dancing down the edge of life

  1. Hi Al Saher,
    At first I thought this would be a happy poem. I love rhyming poems.
    I met you at Danny’s party. Maybe you can check out my blog.
    I blog at MostlyBlogging.com where I offer blogging tips to bloggers. I also host 10 blogging events each month including Meet and Greets like Danny.

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