And it’s life

Life is sweet to walk it straight

With only love and care bound to our fate..

So if you choose a sweet life

There is no fun,hear me mate ….

Life is sour to swim through it

With only struggle and no gain bound beneath our feet..

So if you decide to find your life sour

There is still no fun,only hate you’ll adore ….

Life is bitter to fly over

With pain and loneliness bonding together to state us as a failure

So if you wish to taste a bitter life,as compared to a clover

There will never be fun,only to live without any grit and valor ….

So considering life either sweet,sour or bitter

Is to just stand by and watch ourselves being tagged as a quitter ….

So always live your life,a lil sweet,a lil sour and a lil bitter with happiness

For love shall overcome the pain and loneliness

For care shall successfully prevent struggle from making your life a complete mess….

Now it is very clear

Life is a mysterious game of living it sweet,dancing it sour and playing it bitter ….

So now it’s up to you,to win or lose 

Do think over it again,before you let your thoughts and judgement loose ….



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